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Air Operated Tipper Hoist Blocking & Safety Valve WH&S

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Brand: OILPATH Australia
OILPATH OP 690222 Pneumatically Operated Hoist Blocking and Safety Valve (WHS Compliant)

The Perfect Partner for Your OILPATH OP221 Tipper Hoist Valve.
Looking for the ultimate safety and efficiency upgrade for your Bogie, Tandem or Semi Tipper Truck?

The OILPATH Australia 690222: (aka OP-APV-16-22) is a Hoist Blocking and Safety valve that is actuated by the same compressed air signal you send to your tipper valve to drop the Hoist and lower tipper.

This bad boy adds an extra layer of safety: by keeping the tipper body up even if your Pump, Valve or pressure Hose fails, and will only allow the lowering of your tipper body with an extra compressed air signal from your tipper valve controller.

This safety Valve and is the ideal companion to the industry-leading OILPATH OP221 Tipper Hoist Valve, also available here at Hydraulic.Online

Single tipper Valve for Hoists on Bogie, Tandem, and Semi Tipper Trucks.

WHS Compliant: Designed specifically to Comply with Workplace Health and Safety regulations for Trucks with Tipper Hoists Operating on Australian Construction sites.
This third-generation:, pneumatically operated valve ensures smooth and safe load control.

Here's why the OP-APV-16-22 is the perfect addition to your setup:

Seamless Integration: Works flawlessly with the OILPATH OP221 valve for optimal performance.

Improved Efficiency: Patented low-pressure design allows for faster activation and lowering times.
Unmatched Durability: Manufactured in Australia with high-tensile aluminium and premium Buna-N (nitrile) seals.
Built to Last: Requires minimal maintenance, only needing an external O-ring replaced every 5 years.
Safety First: Ensures complete load control and prevents accidental lowering even when there is a Hydraulic Pressure Loss.

Key Features:

Matches the high flow capacity: (180 L/min) of the OILPATH OP221 valve

Maximum working pressure: 210 bar (3,000 psi)
Low activation pressure: 2.1 bar (30 psi) for efficient operation
Easy installation: with standard 1" inch BSPP fittings

Don't compromise on safety and efficiency.
Order the Oilpath OP-APV-16-22 Pneumatically Operated Hoist Blocking Valve today at Hydraulic.Online!

Please Note: Installation must be completed by a qualified hydraulics technician following the provided instructions.

Upgrade your tipper truck to the ultimate safety and performance with Hydraulic.Online!

Workplace Health and Safety Compliant

TIPPER VALVE Air Operated Safety valve

Did you know that to access most Australian work sites, a safety valve must be attached by steel fittings (not hose) to the Tipper Hoist or ram of your tipper truck?
This quality Oilpath 690222 air operated safety valve is now at an even better price.

Easy to install, attach the pressure line from your tipper valve to the 1 ("VALVE") port, and the 2 ("HOIST") directly to the port of your Hoist Telescopic cylinder or ram.

Your air 'down' switch line must be Tee connected to the 1/8" BSP Signal port on top the Black Cylinder.

Simply Tee into your existing air control line using 'push fittings'.

This is a job that can be completed with only general mechanical skills.
You will be able to control the valve from the comfort of your cab.
Ports: 1" BSPP
Flow 180 Lt/Min
Pressure 210 Bar (3,000 psi)

We also have a electrically operated switch in another listing

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